Long Boom Cranes

For any need in the construction and building materials sector ATLAS designed a “crane made to measure”.
Especially for this purpose, we offer our customers the top seat with an integrated control system. From this position, the operator has everything in full view.
All tools required for these loader cranes can be easily handled and mounted.
This is why they excel altogether by greatest flexibility in use.

* = max. reach with manual boom extension

ModelMax. ReachMax. SWLLoad momentDetails
ATLAS 186.3 VB
Long Boom Cranes
11.20 m (* 13,20 m)
36,8 ft (* 43,3 ft)
3,20 t
7055 lbs
186 kNm
137187 ft-lb
ATLAS 210.2 VB
Long Boom Cranes
16,49 m
54,1 ft
3,47 t
7650 lbs
196 kNm
144562 ft-lb

* = portée max. avec rallonge du bras mécanique
# = portée max. sur point d’attache supplémentaire