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This is how ATLAS telematics protects your machines:
Anti-theft protection
Increase productivity & improve performance

This is how ATLAS telematics improve customer retention:
Boost sales
More service quality and increased customer satisfaction

This is how ATLAS telematics support leasing:
Precise billing
Complete overview of availability

This is how we support you:
Powerful solution
Contact for specialist dealers

This is how it works:
Pre-installed telematics unit
Simple activation
… unit …CAN module …ATLAS Manager …options


You have

your business at your fingertips

Real time information
Automatic information distribution
Time-controlled reports
Connection to administration system
Billing statements
Payment date optimization
Saves working time and financial budget.
Tracking function
Location details
Digital map module
Virtual fence protects the units
Simplified machine logistics
Overview at any given time
Supports decision making
Visualises all the operations
Quickly access evaluations and graphic depictions
Different divisions operate independently
Alarm function
Activities limits, operator controls, sensor system
Deviation automatically reported
Access protection
Access rights, restrictions, time-controlled access
Trackunit Manager
The Trackunit Mobile Manager
Anti-theft protection
Fleet management

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