Atlas Cranes
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  Small cranes – from 13 to 56 kNm
Lightweight. Simple. Slimline.

In operation our smallest cranes are the greatest:
low dead weight, easy to use and quick to mount.
They have been specially constructed for small trucks.
Great flexibility in use
• Landscaping
• Authorities
• Building material
• Delivery
• Checking wells
• Checking operation
Medium cranes – from 65 to 240 kNm
Flexible. Compact. Sensitive.

Fitted with state-of-the-art technology and as reliable
as a simple lifting pulley - this is what distinguishes our
cranes for trucks from 7.5 to 22 tons. Achieving the
highest degree of precision through great sensitivity.
Fitted with LM+ technology for increased output up
to 18%. Atlas offers cranes with optimized technology
and equipment. A class in itself – in operation too
• Landscaping
• Authorities
• Building material
• Delivery
• Grabbing
• Material handling
Large cranes – from 250 to 620 kNm
Load. Precision. Reach.

Do you want maximum lifting capacity and reach?
Welcome to the best productivity class,
especially for trucks weighing more than 24 tons.
Special features include a load sensing system
(optional), twin slewing gear, continuous slewing gear
and a wide range of fittings such as fly jib or winches.
These cranes are faster in operation than comparable
cranes with the same lifting capacity.
Where strength counts
• Building material
• Lifting logistics
• Container logistics
• Assembly work

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